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Business Law Courses

If you work in a specific business sector such as Property Management, Real Estate and do not wish to complete the full Paralegal Course, you can select one of our Business Law Modules for your sector eg Conveyancing only  or Litigation only if you are in Debt Recovery.

These Business Law Courses are designed to help candidates enhance their legal knowledge in the workplace. They do not replace instructing Solicitors or Barristers for more complex and intricate legal matters and transactions.

Your career will benefit from knowing legal procedures, conveyancing protocol and general knowledge of the English Legal System. 

We have estimated the Minimum Study Time for each module as 8 weeks, which is based on 2 hours study each week.  Students can, however, complete in a longer or shorter time as suits their busy schedule.  Most students complete each module within 6 months.

Business Law Syllabus

Module 1

Module 1 Business Law Diploma.

General Principles of English Law.

1.  English Legal System: Common Law System, Courts of Law, Systems and Courts Structure, Tribunals, Arbitration, The Judiciary, Jurisdiction, Appeals, Legal Aid.

2.  Contract Law: Formation of Contract, Elements – Offer & Acceptance, Vagueness, Incompleteness, Termination of an Offer, Invitation to Treat, Implied Terms, Express Terms, Contractual Obligations, Exclusion Clauses, Defective Contracts,
Discharge of Contractual Obligations, Remedies for Breach of Contract.

3.  Law of Tort: Against Person, Against Property, Against Goods, Duty of Care, Defences in Tort - Act of God, Self Defence, Contributory Negligence, Remedies in Tort.

4.  Criminal Law: Classes of Offences, Classes of Trials, Mode of Trial, Committal proceedings - Disclosure, Witness Orders, Plea Bargaining, Liability in Criminal Law – Murder, Manslaughter, Theft, Mens Rea, Actus Reus.

5.  Civil Law: Pre-trial procedures – Civil Procedure Rules, Interlocutory Proceedings, Enforcement of Judgment – Writ of Fieri Facias, Garnishee Order, Writ of Sequestration, Charging Order.

COURSE FEE: £450.00 (inc 10% discount).

Instalments: £99.00 x 5

Module 2

Module 2 Business Law Conveyancing Certificate

Conveyancing Procedural Law Course

1.  Purchasers transaction for an English Freehold, Leasehold or Commonhold property.

2.  Sellers transaction for an English Freehold, Leasehold or Commonhold property.

3.  Taking Instructions from Clients.

4.  Mortgages, Surveys.

5.  Preparing all Searches using all relevant Forms for Bankruptcy Searches, Local Authority Searches et al.

6.  Registration at HM Land Registry.

7.   Proofreading

COURSE FEE: £300.00 (inc 10% discount)

Instalments: £82.50 x 4

Module 3

Module 3 Business Law Litigation Certificate

Criminal Litigation:
1. English Criminal Courts Structure, Jurisdiction, Personnel, Divided Profession.
2. Criminal Law Procedures, Police Arrests, Charge, CPS.
3. Criminal Law.
4. Trial.
5. Sentencing Powers of the Courts.

Civil Litigation:
1. English Civil Courts Structure, Jurisdiction, Personnel.
2. Civil Procedures - CPR 1998.
3. Commencing Civil Court Cases.

1. Preparing Divorce Petitions.
2. Dealing with Statement of Arrangements for Children.
3. Applying for Decree Absolute.
4. Proofreading.

COURSE FEES: £300.00 (inc 10% discount).

Instalments: £82.50 x 4

Module 4

Module 4 Corporate Law Certificate

1. Sole Traders, Partnerships and Limited Companies.

2. Company Formation.

3. Advantages and Disadvantages of various types of businesses.

4. Responsibilities of Directors/Shareholders.

5. Shares, Bonds and Debentures.

6. Tax Liability.

7. Mergers and Acquisitions.

8. Insolvency.

9. Proofreading.

COURSE FEE: £300.00 (inc 10% discount).

Instalments: £82.50 x 4

Module 5

Module 5 Advanced Level English Law Diploma 

Legal Skills & Techniques 

1.    Business Awareness
2.    Client Relations
3.    Interviewing Skills.
4.    Negotiating Skills.
5.    Professional Conduct.
6.    Legal Writing.
7.    Legal Drafting.

COURSE FEE: £450.00 (inc 10% discount).

Instalments: £99.00 x 5


These Modules will suit students who do not wish to qualify for the full Paralegal Diploma.  If you are working in a specific business sector such as Property Management or Real Estate, you may wish to study Conveyancing only.

If you are working in a Debt Recovery Agency you may wish to study only Litigation.

Minimum Estimated Study Time:  8 weeks

Students have up to 2 years to complete the Module for which they have registered.

Instalments are payable every 4 weeks and must be completed prior to issue of Diploma.

Course material and exam fees are included within course fees.  There is an additional Re-sit Fee of £30.00 if students need to re-sit any exam.

Exam Re-sit: £30.00

Hi Wendy

Just a note to let you know that I received my Law Diploma in the mail today and it arrived in perfect condition.
Although I am employed in a family business and not a legal environment, the knowledge that I gained has been extremely useful as I am the Accountant and look after all the legal and corporate aspects of the business. It was a great feeling to receive As on all my assignments and I thank you again for some very informative, and at times, challenging courses. For me I have gained a vast amount of knowledge and personal development and I really enjoyed all of the courses.
Thanks again to you and Abbey and I wish you continued success.

Very best regards.
“Dear Wendy, Thank you very much for your comments. Much appreciated! I'm happy to say I am enjoying the course very much. What I have learnt has 
helped me to advise my friend about his entitlement to Legal Aid.”