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Most Law Firms and Legal Department of Commercial Companies advertise directly from their website. This makes impressing them easier as you are always better at selling your own skills than anyone else! The internet holds a vast library of law firms all over the world which makes applying directly for jobs simplier. Not to forget those agencies which say they are also willing to help. There are several ways of finding suitable employment within the legal sector and below are 3 which can be your starting point. can be a primary source for Paralegal and Legal Secretary jobs throughout the UK.  It has an easy to use website and is highly recommended!

The Legal 500 can be an invaluable source when job hunting. Most law firms and corporates will advertise directly from their websites. Your CV together with a copy of your diploma or certificate should be your first introduction - is a comprehensive guide to lawyers worldwide, so you can select the country then the practice area you wish to work in. 

If you are looking in the UK -

If you wish us to help with references, we will be happy to do so -

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